Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't postpone the inevitable

Going back to work after of a long four months of retirement has been good...and different. There are no more long hours of standing or maintaining safety on a unit. Now it is more about seeing that the people who need the help we offer get it. There are a lot of tragic stories out there, and I feel bad for the people who have lived the stories, but it is not depressing to me. I just try to see what I can do to help them in the moment, and then I try to get them to what will help them in the longer run. Sometimes, today for example, I will see a person who has kept her grief or anger within her for many years. I guess people mistakenly think it is good to "be strong" or not to bother others with their problems, but for the most part, it ends up like a handicap. The healthier way is to take the time and pass through the deep emotional waters as soon as possible. Life works better that way.

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