Sunday, April 1, 2012


This evening our choir will be singing the wonderful oratorio that includes "Kings of the Earth," which I know by heart because I have been blasting it in my car for the past few months, singing along to the whole thing. I don't believe I am hurting the choir as I can stay on tune and follow instructions, and I love being a part of the powerful message delivered to the audience, but I am mostly singing, or trying to, because it is so much fun. Singing also must be good for a person's health and fitness. I sang in the chorus in high school and thought the discipline of breathing properly was really good for tightening my abdominal muscles, making me look better in the straight skirts we wore back then. Now I can see it is a good way to increase my breathing capacity, exercising the lungs. I think singing is also happiness producing, like laughter. Who can be sad or cranky when she is singing?

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