Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Jacob and friend were here this week. I loved having them around, and I also greatly appreciated the way they were so willing to do some heavy work around the yard. One job I gave them was to pull that darned ivy off the trees. I told them to find where the vine was rooted in the ground and pull the whole thing up and then off the tree. Just pulling it from the top doesn't do much good. The same applies to other situations. Nurses often see a patient complaining of pain only to receive a "pain killer." Sometime this is honestly all a patient really wants, but the bigger question is where is that pain coming from and what can be done to treat it? A commercial I really do not like is for Febreeze. I get the concept, but really, do we just want to cover up stinky smells? Isn't it better to find out what smells and eliminate it? Once I had a terrible smell in the kitchen and finally found an old moldy orange. Throwing it away solved the problem and I didn't even need to use deodorizer! It is really worth it to dig a little and get to the root cause.

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