Monday, March 5, 2012


We are in Texas with its Luby's cafeterias, cattle and horses on sprawling land, and big cities with complex highways, high overpasses, and congested traffic. Seeing all those flashing blue lights and wrecks along the sides of the roads really made me glad to arrive safely in Round Rock late yesterday. But Sunday in Dallas was such fun. We met my cousin Nancy at Stonebriar Church in Frisco for the 10:45 service. Seeing Chuck Swindoll preach has been on my lifetime to do - otherwise known as bucket - list. I first became a fan when I was a home health nurse traveling from place to place in my car. I learned to schedule driving time from 1 - 1:30 in the afternoon just to hear him on the radio, his profound words delivered in such a way that even I could understand. When I found out that Nancy, whom I had not seen in many years, went to church there I contacted her, and it all came to pass. The singing and teaching were just as good as I had hoped. Then it was on to downtown Dallas to see where President Kennedy was killed back in 1963. We walked around the streets, got on the grassy knoll for a photo op, and went up to the sixth floor of the Book Depository. The hubby, and I totally trust his opinion in such matters, said Oswald probably was the lone shooter, and the mob was behind it all. Now to see what this day will bring.

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