Tuesday, March 13, 2012

and the beat goes on...

Two years ago, I was blogging about my new life that was soon to come, retirement and living on the coast in beautiful Wilmington. But that is not how it played out. I figure it is good to make plans, to look toward our futures with hopeful anticipation, but it is just as important to adapt well when things do not go as we design. Greenville is a great place. I am happy to be here. And, by choice, I am working every day this week. About twenty years ago when I was living in Columbia, I asked one of the nurses I was teaching with what nurses did when they got older. She answered, "They just keep working." That has been true for me. If a nurse is willing and is halfway decent at what she does, she can work for a long time. It is a shame not to do anything with all that stored up experience, i.e. hardwiring, and I am glad there is still a spot for me, as long as it is voluntary. I find it helps my brain, body, and mood.

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