Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keepin' on keepin' on

This week I am working in the Day Program - as opposed to inpatient treatment - at my hospital. When I am there, I always learn. Today I recognized that the types of little expressions I use to pump myself up when needed are far too simplistic and cheerful for people who have had horrid lives. Next, the fact that I believe a hospital is reduced to its lowest common denominator was validated when we were run out our office by the guy who had to clean and wax the floor right then and there during the busiest time of the day, disrupting everything. And I talked to the friendly chaplain about how he conducts some of his groups. Since I had never attended, I had wondered... Today, after sizing up the group, he got them to identify and talk about what enriches their souls. He also educated me on “spiritual disciplines,” old practices that are new info for me. Hopefully someone learned something from me as well.

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