Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lucky Me

On Monday, a couple of hours at Johnnie Mercer's, and today, a morning on beautiful Sullivan's Island. I am getting my yearnings satisfied. After a good night's sleep and feeling fully awake, I decided I would like not only to go to the beach but also to see the lighthouse that was pictured on one of the walls here in Rob and Susan's nice, new condo.

When I saw the black and white tower, I found a spot in the public parking area next to it and pulled in. I snapped a pic or two, schlepped down the shaded, wooden walkway toward the ocean, and settled on a place on the soft sand for my towel. The sky was pale and cloudless and the water warm with smooth, small waves. I walked and walked in the glistening surf, and sat and listened to the gulls and the waves while the breeze tickled my baking skin. Well trained from childhood, I left before the foolish mad dogs and Englishmen arrived. Maybe tomorrow I will check out IOP. Many thanks, Rob and Susan!

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