Saturday, June 25, 2011

no honesty there

A few years ago I remember watching television with some of my co-workers when the death sentence was given to Peterson who had killed his wife and unborn child. We all felt some jubilation that justice was being served. Now as he sits on death row, he still claims not to have done it. Recently another sad murder case has occupied the news. Another person who claims to be innocent of killing someone she was supposed to have loved and cared for. These cases make for entertainment (unfortunately) and emotion tinged conversations.

Art does not always imitate life. In the court dramas we watch on our screens, there is usually some point at which the murderers are in the witness seat. When they cannot take either the interrogation or the guilt any more, they blurt out their confessions. They rant about the last straw, what made them do it, and are then quickly handcuffed and hustled away from society. I imagine it takes a lot of taxpayer money to bring these peccant prevaricators to trial. Wouldn't it be nice if the current defendant could and would add honest high drama, fess up, and bring the sad tale to its conclusion.

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