Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Led by a Child

After our art excursion yesterday, Caroline was inspired and got started with the watercolors I had waiting for her. When I saw what she had done, I then was inspired by her! I have been a thrifty, timid painter, and it has held me back. Caroline plunged in fearlessly with brushes loaded with intense colors. She quickly finished and was proud of her work. I loved this piece she did. She remembered the chair from the place where we got our mousses, and painted it! Though I intended to teach her some of what I have been learning, I think I learned more from her!


daddy said...

what a bautiful picture. Which way is the chair facing?

C of MC Sales News said...

I drew and it was supposed to look like that! I think it's cool she put MY (C) picture on her blog!