Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life Moves On

It is always nice to get back home after a trip, even a brief one though it seems that we have been gone more like two weeks than a busy two days. Though my house is still very hot (who knew the temp would rise to 97 in our absence) I was glad to find it intact and my two cats alive and well. Home sweet home...

Uncle Marty’s funeral was a lovely and fitting tribute to a life well lived, and of course it created a wonderful congregation of friends and family. After the service we all went into the big “hall” of the church for socializing and refreshments. One of the women who was helping to serve, remarked to me, “I can see how close your family is and how much you love each other.” An interesting and kind observation as several of us were spending much of the time trying to discern who everyone else was.

A large part of the ride to and from was spent listening to a book of post presidency memoirs by and read by Barbara Bush. Though she can call many of the world leaders her friends and has a staff that takes care of the bulk of the daily grind, the experiences of her life are filled with humor and are relatable to any woman and mother. It also inspired me to do more reading.

good stuff . . .

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