Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Opinion from the front line

Over the years, I have had to answer many phone calls from people in desperation. It is part of my life work. Among the troubles I have heard, I'll bet half are related to prescription drug dependency, especially Lortab. This medication is liberally given by all medical practitioners, and I often think if they knew the dark side of that white tablet, they would think twice before writing the prescription. Before I go too far into its evils, I will say that not everyone who uses them become addicted. Some people can take them successfully. And once a patient explained to me that they are cheap - that is if bought at a drug store and not on the streets - and that they help with mood as well as pain. Unless first taken recreationally most folks have their first experience with opioids, compliments of a doctor, after a medical procedure that causes some pain. From there it doesn't take long for some people to get hooked. The search for more and more "pain pills" can turn their lives into an out of control madness. Then they call us at that desperate place asking for help in the form of detox. From my vantage point, I think it would be nice if the manufacturers and "pushers" of these drugs could have a fund from their profits that would treat people who get addicted. Wouldn't that be the responsible thing to do? Why wash their hands of it all? It isn't all about pain. Consequences must be considered. These are dangerous, life destroying drugs.

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