Monday, May 23, 2011

In the long run...

My next door neighbor and I were discussing our high school reunions that will be coming up soon, fifty years for each of us. He is from California and I am, of course, from the opposite coast. Day by day, a lot can happen in fifty years. And who at the age of seventeen ever thinks they can live to see fifty years into the future! We talked about how the perception of success has changed over the years, each reunion year perhaps looking at it in a different light. When we were young, enough money for a nice home and beautiful children were certainly measures of success. Then maybe a high paying career or recognition for achievements noted success. Now, with sixteen percent of his class already deceased which he says is the national average, and people underwater with mortgages and having to live with family members, my average neighbor says he now can say he is successful. He is still intact and standing! My side of the US has certainly fared better, but like most of us I have had many challenges. Most of the time, I was able to come out of them still standing, also. Each one of us can at least take that good successful feeling to our respective class reunions.

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