Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Working on Resolutions

This afternoon I have been engaged in two of my New Year's resolutions - several days ahead of the game. My perpetual top of the list is to be more organized. (How I wish.) While I have been organizing - more like plundering through piles and rearranging the messes - I have been listening to music, another resolution. Sometime during the past couple of years, my love for music has slid into a has been place in my heart. Maybe it was crowded out by talk radio, rejected by gross contemporary lyrics, or not singing in a choir, but it slowly became a small part of my life. Music is wonderful and so filled with passion, and I need it. So listening to music more, a lot more, is on my list for 2011. Pandora, a great web site, is filling the air with The Electric Light Orchestra station this afternoon. It has played a lot of Beatles tunes (what depressing lyrics), and other songs from the sizzling seventies. Right now I am listening to Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, which reminds me of another resolution I need to make. Now where is that list?

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