Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks, Uncle Rob

Christmas presents can be hard to choose, but for a few recent years Rob and Susan have given me some really thoughtful and useful gifts with the grandchildren in mind. After Mom and Dad left on Thanksgiving, Ashley and John immediately wanted to play with the hand puppets, a well worn and well loved present from a few Christmases ago. They get behind the big ottoman, the makeshift stage, make up all sorts of cute stories and dialogue and are entertained for hours. Sometimes I am more than the audience and create my own hippo or monkey character, too. Ol' Million face, a block face changing game that was around when I was little, is another favorite. Surprisingly we still have all the pieces. And I used the tin plates this visit, and we looked through the big classic toy book, and I thought how I wanted to tell Rob thank you! Before long his grandson will be big enough to visit and play. Maybe this Christmas I can find some cool stuff for them to enjoy together.

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