Saturday, December 18, 2010

Non-Christmas Duty

Sometimes I make bad decisions. Last week the guys who did my kitchen and other helpful things called to say they didn't have any work to do. Would I like for them to do the next project we discussed, the master bedroom closet redo? My common sense side whispered no, but my charitable side voiced, " . . . uh . . . OK." Those poor guys with no work at Christmas time.

The night before they came we emptied the closet, no small task. It was as if all the clothes were vacuumed packed in there because they seem to fluff up and multiply as we spread them around the bedroom and layered them on the couch and chairs in the living room. Not exactly what I call decorating for Christmas. After my pointing out to the guys yesterday that this is Christmas week, that I am always stressed during Christmas anyway, and please do not take your sweet time, they are working furiously today painting, measuring, sawing, and hammering. I am not distracting them, but they don't do shabby work and are not going to compromise on quality, even for a closet nobody will see. When they finish, my job of refilling begins, well into Christmas week.

January would have been a better time to do this.

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