Thursday, December 2, 2010

silly school boys

My car was iced over when I got in it this morning, and I was dressed for winter including gloves to grip the cold steering wheel. As I was leaving my neighborhood I saw a teenage boy waiting for the school bus wearing only jeans and a tee shirt. brrr... I wanted to stop and ask...where is your jacket, young man? He must have left home without the watchful eye of a mother and would surely freeze to death before the bus arrived. Then I wondered what Jacob was wearing to school today. I hoped he was warm. I have yet to understand why boys do this. Maybe they think they are tough, brave or invincible and a coat makes them look wimpy. Or maybe it's just seems too darned much trouble for the short time they must wear it. Eventually they will appreciate the need to dress for cold weather. A few years and some episodes of hypothermia. That'll teach 'em!

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