Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a little coffee can do!

When my daddy was older, he would say he started the day with his drugs, "nicotine and caffeine," as it was something he looked forward to. Though nicotine is not one of my vices, the drug caffeine does seem to be one that I enjoy. When I became a nurse, I got into the coffee habit. It was plentiful in every nurses station or office, its aroma filling the air, and I came to believe that it was a plot by administration to keep us all working at maximum capacity. It seemed to do the trick, at least for me. Though I appreciate a fine cup of java from freshly roasted and ground beans, I found myself settling for whatever was in the pot just for the drug effect. I have always attempted to avoid being dependent on "substances" and so, especially since retiring, I have tried not to drink coffee every day in spite of its therapeutic qualities. Over the past few days I have relied on teas for my early morning drink, but even the yerba mate did not seem to charge me enough. Last night I realized that the drag I was experiencing could be due to the absence of coffee, and I promised myself to find the coffeemaker that I had stashed during a house showing and brew some. My current favorite coffee comes from Costco, the organic blend medium roast in the gold bag, and I made enough for two full mugs this morning. When I am caffeinated, I tend to be over talkative and a little too animated. I can tell it's working.

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