Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How does Disney do it?

Last week this time, I was dragging in from another hot day at one of Disney World's parks. As anyone who has been knows, the entire place is amazing. It isn't just the great rides and shows, irresistible familiar characters who moved and looked like the real deal, and streaming Disney songs, but it is the organization and precision that makes it run like an fine old Swiss watch. At all three parks Ashley and I visited, there was barely a fussy word heard among the sweaty shoulder to shoulder multitudes, and all of the employees - if not smiling cheerily - were certainly pleasant and helpful. There were no overflowing trash cans, long lines did not seem tiring, and there was always something right around the corner to capture our next imagination. Even the hotel and its food court, though extremely busy, were exemplary. Organization like that is way above my ability to grasp. It really is a Fantasyland.

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