Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Peer Pressure

Last week I refused on principle to engage in Black Friday or Cyber Saturday, but today I succumbed to peer pressure and no doubt threw away six dollars on two lottery tickets. Until I got wind of it yesterday, I had no idea that this was the biggest week of all with a more than 500 million dollar windfall. I had bought a lottery ticket only once before and felt like a criminal. I didn't want to repeat that experience! But today at work it was talked about, and as I was leaving I heard, "Don't forget to buy your lottery ticket before nine!" So on the way home and right after hearing a radio ad for getting help for your gambling problem, I stopped by the gas station and told the patient attendant with the gold tooth, "I want whatever everybody else is getting." Now I have the tickets on my refrigerator, and like everybody else, I am mentally spending my millions. At least it is a fun thought.

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