Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Day

Early this morning I left for Tennessee where I will stay for a week with my grandchildren while mom and dad are far away celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary. It has been dreamed of and then planned forever, and I hope they will have a fantastic time. My first duty was getting Ashley to Nutcracker practice at the dance studio downtown. It ran over the scheduled time and gave me a chance to see the sights along the cute and eclectic Main Street of Morristown. I have disengaged from my camera somehow - maybe the photo bug ran its course - so I have no interesting pictures to show. After a stop at Food City, we came home. John went out to play with his friends and we girls hung out. Jacob came home from work at suppertime, and brought with him three boxes of frozen chocolate eclairs (144) and one box of maybe a hundred patties of frozen pizza dough. (You ask how he got it? Longish but normal story.) Now that was exciting, but what were we to do with it? After filling the freezer the best we could and giving some to a neighbor, we still had an unopened box of eclairs and most of the dough pucks. I said to the kids, "Let's see if we can go find some needy people and make their evening." We rode up and down Andrew Johnson Hwy in the dark and back into town, but there were no such folks. Ashley suggested we drive to New York City, but I wasn't up for that. Maybe it will be cool enough tonight in the garage to keep the eclairs chilled and we can take them to church tomorrow, but I have visions of the pizza dough expanding exponentially as it thaws.

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Brenda Christmas said...

You're in Tennessee, and you granddaughter wanted to drive to New York City? lol, that's funny!

C'mon, Grandma! Road trip! Teehee