Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Peace and Quiet

John asked me what I like to do when things are quiet, when I have time for myself as I was going to have this week while they are in school. hmmm...When do I ever...? My overactive brain does not offer that option. But yesterday, with the kids gone, and not knowing how to turn on the television in this large and quiet house, and with no obligatory activities, I adapted. Though I did bring some books from home, I decided to follow Ashley's advice and read a book she liked and wanted me to read, Soul Surfer. I took it to the screened in porch, turned the big rocker to face the autumn splendor of the wooded backyard, and started to read and rock. Pretty soon nature distracted me. In the breeze, yellow leaves from a silver maple were being blown off their branches, and were gracefully swirling to the ground. At that rate, how long would it take for the tree to be stripped bare, I wondered. A tall oak was hanging on tighter to its orange leaves. A botanical difference, I surmised. Then as if relaxation music was beginning to play, I heard the gentle sounds of a few raindrops. They soon got bolder, forcing me inside, and continued throughout the day. I didn't mind. This morning over coffee and another eclair, I finished Ashley's sweet book. Now I am beginning to look forward to the remaining three quiet mornings.

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