Tuesday, December 27, 2011


At just two days past, we are still well in the Christmas season. Some of the people I have come in contact with are still celebrating or exchanging gifts, and others are talking about what they did on the big day. It is interesting to hear how different people experience it and what their traditions are. One tradition I have kept through the years is the reading of the Christmas story from Luke, preferably by the youngest reader, before the opening of presents. Unfortunately this tradition slipped my mind this year. I thought of it several times during the day, planned to get out the big old Bible, and wondered who the reader would ultimately be. But when the time came…poof…the first time in forty plus years, amid all the fun, I forgot, and we did not read the Christmas story at any time during the evening. Maybe I needed Trip here to remind me. I apologize to my children and grandchildren for missing this tradition. It has been as important to me as placing Mama, the angel, atop the tree.


Brenda Christmas said...

We opened gifts without having Christmas music playing in the background! I also didn't make a birthday cake for Jesus, so we sang over our monkey bread instead - at least it's shaped like a bundt cake. My traditions got all switched around or forgotten altogether this year, what with last minute changes and such. Next year we'll get it right! ;-) I'm spending this week listening to all my Christmas CDs that I didn't have time for all month. And I'm enjoying my decorations and the Christmas movies that are still running on the Hallmark channel. Now that things have slowed down, I have time to enjoy the season!

Susannah said...

Did you see the 12 Dates of Christmas? I think it was on ABC Family. I liked it.