Friday, December 30, 2011

Being Remembered

As a year comes to a close, news sources remind us of people who have died during the past twelve months, the people just about everybody is aware of, the ones who have reached the public eye. They didn't get such acclaim when they were born. Who knew what they could or would become? But during their lifetimes they did something to get our collective attention. Maybe they entertained us regular folks or committed nefarious acts; maybe they led the masses or designed products we all use. We will miss many of them, at least for a short while, then their names will be relegated to at best a history book, then forgotten with the passing of a generation or two. In my line of work, we see people who are not famous. Matter of fact many are the least among us. Some have lived marginally all their days and can hardly bear life on earth any longer. Today I remember a couple of those who have died this year by their own will. They won’t make any big world list, but there was someone who loved them, someone who will not just remember but grieve for a very long time.

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