Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Joyful Noise

In a note in the church bulletin, the choir director said he could use a few more voices for the Christmas program. Happy memories of Christmases past popped in my head and I went to practice that October afternoon. I used to love being in choir. I loved all of it, especially all that went into big seasonal events – learning the music, the anticipation, the dress rehearsals, being one voice among many, and finally the exciting actual performance as we all aimed for perfection. Since I had not done choir in many years, I knew I would have to practice, practice. I knew I would have to dig deep inside to catch a decent note and sustain it. I knew I would have to learn some new music. Could I do it? Though I didn’t get as good as I would have liked, tonight I will be there, one little voice among many. Hopefully I won’t mess up too bad.

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