Thursday, December 22, 2011

And at Christmas, too.

In today's mail was what looked like a Christmas card, but when I opened it, the big blue letters on the front of the card showed that it was from the plumbing company that did some work for us this week. Inside were the signatures of employees and a greeting that said, "We hope we put a smile on your face." A look of shock and disgust would be more like it. Have you called a plumber lately? A downstairs toilet had a leak, possibly, and we wanted to have it checked. The other had a handle that had to be held down for an extra second or two for a good flush. When the plumber said he would go to the truck and come back with a written estimate, I knew we were in trouble. We did agree to some work but not all that the friendly young guy hoped. Good grief. "No," I want to say. "There was no smile." Those sinister people...

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