Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That's Entertainment

In my efforts to keep the house clean, I have turned to watching television. Better make that streaming Netflix, my new favorite thing. Last night I enjoyed an educational hour of Food Matters, which just happened to deal with one of my favorite topics. I have discovered the witty, fast paced Sports Night, a sitcom from the late nineties, and some fabulous British mysteries. Then there was the adorable French flick Romantics Anonymous and the French documentary about the chapel Matisse designed. Some heartwarming independent films engage me when I have time, and of course I have been glad for the many reruns of the always clever, never boring, well written Psych. By the way, its seventh season starts this month. I realize that not everyone will have the same tastes that I do, but there is something for everyone, even a nerd like me.

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