Sunday, February 3, 2013

An Arty Thing

On yesterday’s cold morning, I joined with a group of kindred spirits at a cute coffee shop downtown with the intended purpose of discussing or actually doing art, the painting and drawing kind of art that calls me to perform. The location was perfect, and if not for the well dressed, well scrubbed people and the gluten free items on the menu boards, it could have passed for a place from the sixties. A pony-tailed middle aged guitarist was sitting on a folding chair, strumming and singing well some well-loved folk tunes of the era. People were lined up for earthenware mugs of steaming hot coffee or tea and sweets to go with them and enjoying the convivial atmosphere. A little boy being watched over closely by his daddy was quite curious about the musician, a couple of individuals were sitting in overstuffed chairs with their laptops, the mother and daughter entrepreneurs were graciously serving everyone, and the nine of us were sitting right outside the door in an overflow area laughing and talking and having a grand time. The few hours passed quickly. I was sorry to see it end, but in another two weeks we will have our third get together. Never mind my limited talents, I like being part of this group.

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