Thursday, October 4, 2012

Really Liking Twitter

When Twitter was in its toddlerhood, I created an account. I didn't use it then as I really didn't know how, but slowly I have come to appreciate it as a great place to get little bits of info that you can read more about with a couple more clicks. Now I "follow" many organizations or individuals of my choosing, ones whose ideas I find interesting or inspiring. The list includes Scientific American, Forbes, and Chuck Swindoll, but with the big election coming up, I want to know more about what the Republican thinkers are saying. Last night during the debate,  it was great to have my iPhone in hand and watch what Ari Fleischer, Dana Perino, the official party tweeter, and others had to say. It was as if I were sitting in a room of like minded friends, hashing out what was just spoken. It isn't just me. I heard that all of the opinions being tweeted last night created the busiest Twitter night ever. It has become almost too frustrating to watch televised news because of all the commercials, teasers, lead-ins, biases, and so forth, and Twitter cuts through all that. It's so clever.


Brenda Christmas said...

I don't tweet. I don't think I can, as I have a simple cell phone and not one of those smartphones. But I don't think I "get" it. Why would I want to read people's thoughts on a little phone screen? I love my great big computer screen! So I just can't understand the Twitter stuff. (That being said, I do have an account so that I can occasionally "tweet" stuff from the computer to earn! I have no followers, so I'm tweeting to no one, but hey, I get a reward! But I still don't "get" it. I'm just an old fogey, I guess...)

Susannah said...

You can also tweet from any computer.