Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where is his resume?

America is abuzz about the upcoming presidential election kind of invoking the excitement before the annual Clemson vs. University of South Carolina football game. But this election is far more than a football game.

I believe the entire Obama story to be the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public, and much of the media has been complicit in it. Yet over the past four years, various other sources have exposed him and have answered questions as to who this guy really is. I believe the research done on Dreams from My Real Father to be the best, the most accurate, the most true. It is available in book and video form, and excerpts and interviews are found on line. Read, watch and learn.

BO said he wanted to fundamentally change America, and he touted redistribution of wealth, a Communist belief. A couple of generations have passed and many have forgotten or never knew, but back in the fifties  (I remember them as well as a child can) Communism was the mortal enemy of the good American way of life. Our foe Kruschev, the Russian communist leader, hated capitalism, our success and our freedom, and he angrily threatened, "We will bury you!" It intended to destroy us from within. Though the furor of the label Communist has died down over the past few decades, the ideology of it proliferated and quietly infiltrated. Now we hear the "Red diaper baby" in the Oval Office plead, "Just let me finish the job." Four years of destruction and he and his comrades are only half finished?

Are there that many people who still don't understand? Are there that many people in America who want to give their freedom away? Would this man's connections even allow him to be janitor in a federal building?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, and they all have their hands out for all the "free" stuff that they will get in return. :-p

I remember media demands that Republican presidents turn over medical documents -- because we the people needed to know about those colon polyps, ya know? But this president doesn't give up any info, and his followers want to keep it that way. It's not right.