Thursday, July 26, 2012

Catching Up

It has been three weeks since I last posted to my blog. I have no excuses except that I am not as interested in adding my experiences or opinions to the gazillions floating around cyberspace nor do I get as big a thrill out of seeing my words or pictures on a monitor. Yet keeping up the blog is still a fun hobby, so I don't plan to stop though it may look that way. Back when I began, I wanted to call this "Such is Life," an oft uttered phrase, but I saw that had been taken. So I found those six letters that put in a certain order became the powerful word "wisdom" and enhanced the title. Finding wisdom in the commanalities of life could perhaps be a focus, and here we are.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. More news about joblessness and the economy, rain and draught, the nutty Jackson family. The presidential campaign is heating up, and my hope is that BO, or whoever he is, will be seen by more and more voters as the fraud he is. And there was another terrible shooting by a deranged young man. Since people are my business, I would like to offer a comment about that. I "assume" that over the past few years, he slipped into a deepening fantasy world that gave way to deep delusions. (A delusion is a fixed false belief that cannot be changed by reason or logic and is under the umbrella of psychosis.) But I do not know for sure. I have spoken with hundreds, maybe thousands of delusional people. They can appear fairly normal but the more they talk, the more they release their bizarre thoughts. For me there is always an aha moment when the conversation turns from what could be plausible to what is definitely implausible and farfetched. Some delusions are harmless; some are dangerous. I believe they provide a feeling of being special for the unfortunate people who have them.

Weather has made news as uusual, this month for its high temperatures. I hate to be a wimp, but thank goodness for wonderful air conditioning. I am certainly old enough to remember life without it. Of course American society was different then, and we simply adapted and enjoyed it.

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