Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Journey to Netanya

It is almost 6 pm here in Netanya, Israel. Casey and I checked into our Ramada suite, and it is simple, utilitarian and very nice. A sliding glass door opens from the sitting room to a balcony where we stood and watched the huge golden sun set over the dark Mediterranean Sea. We have our own bedrooms, each with a king sized bed. I am looking forward to a good night's sleep whenever that comes.
Traveling by air is like being in labor, I decided. It is torturous but with the anticipation of a blessed event in its aftermath, it seems to be worthwhile.
When the Lufthansa airbus landed at Munich, the gate to the Tel Aviv flight, the next and final stop, was the next one over. Maybe it was because we were entering Israel, but we had to go through a really close check of person and belongings there. From Tel Aviv, we were picked up in a bus by the driver and guide we will have for the rest of the trip. It is really nice to have everything being taken care of by someone else.
This is just a shot from the balcony of a part of this city.This is the hotel. My room had two windows. One faced the Mediterranean and the other, the city.

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