Saturday, November 12, 2011

You don't come for the food

I had to pay 20 NIS (shekels) for one hour of wifi, so I will try to write a little more. The dinner and breakfast at the hotel in Netanya were superb, but the food since has been just OK. We have breakfast and supper buffets, Mediterranean fare, which is not as delicious as I had thought it would be. This morning I took a small loaf of challah, left from Shabbat, that served as my lunch. Good thing. I chose it over the greasy spoon where we stopped. Lunch the first day was falafel quickly jammed in a pita pocket along with some veggies. One day of that was enough. The next day when we were at the Sea of Galilee, we ate fried fish, the whole fish. Tilapia. Once I got past the bones, it was pretty good. To go with it were fresh dates. In the buffet line tonight were blintzes, salmon, something like beef stew, and an array of salad fixings. So far there are always potatoes and tomatoes in some form, stuffed grape leaves, olives, parsley, carrots, an assortment of breads.

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