Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Time for All Things

Mid-August means summer will soon be coming to an end, especially for the kids who will soon be loading up the backpacks and catching school buses. When my boys were little I dreaded the day when they had to be back in school. It felt that we (as I was a young mother) were losing our freedom and all our fun. But I suppose the upside, the benefit, was that the needed, forced discipline probably helped build our characters. During the free time of this summer, I had hoped that all my grandchildren could come visit, and they did. Even seventeen year old Jacob was here for a few days. How thankful I am for them all. But now the routines and expectations of school will be the big things in their lives, and I will also return to my post summer life. Time moves along quickly it seems. One year you are the child visiting your grandmother and bemoaning the return to school, or the mom seeing to it that her sons get their summer visits in, and the next year it seems you are the grandmother. It's all good.

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