Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Hot Grandmommy

With the temperature hovering around 100 all week, I haven't been inclined to take my grandchildren to many places where I feel I could have a heat stroke. The Cars 2 movie we will see tomorrow, but today it was the cool quiet library and browsing and shopping at WalMart, a pet store, and a clothing store. Here is Ashley trying on a hat. There are some at home activities as well, painting, watching the Disney Channel, cooking and dancing. Ashley has taught me a new dance or two, one of which is the Hoedown Throwdown. After several performances accompanied by the youtube music, I thought hmmm...this seems familiar. "First you put your two knees close up tight..." It was Ballin'the Jack updated!

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C of MC Sales News said...

When i looked at this picture i had 2 questions: Whats on ashley's head?
Did you see that there are bras and underwear in the backgrownd?