Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's that time of year for the big book sale that you may remember I helped with last year. What fun it is! This afternoon, I checked in at the volunteer desk and was given my name sticker and the assignment of neatening the books already on the tables in the religion section. They seemed just fine to me, so what was there to do but to peruse through the stacks in my area and the rest of the aisles of the old mall. A perk of volunteering is that we can buy books early, before the huge crowd comes on Saturday, and I found my heart quickening over some of the nice hard back volumes I could get for a measly one dollar. When it was near closing time, I got the stack I had squirreled away and took it to the guy at the desk. "Very good," he commented on some as he restacked them in my box. I was glad I had been able to control my spending and that I had been to the gym this week as I had to carry the heavy box quite a distance to my car. I will be volunteering Saturday, too, and no doubt will find a few more books that I believe either I or someone else would love.

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