Monday, July 29, 2013

From a novel

According to my thinking, one important thing to do when one moves to a new place is to join the library as I did last week. Being in this temporary setting and without obligations gives me time to get into a good book. So after the trial period to prove my trustworthiness by checking out and returning two, I am over half way through with my next, one that I grabbed off the shelf at closing time because I liked the cover. Sometimes I like the insight and wisdom of writers as they tell about their characters, which I am sure are facts they have discovered about themselves. This quote spoke to the girl/woman I am. " are a girl as long as you allow life to happen to you. You become a woman when you start living according to your own instincts, intelligence and desires. You're a woman when you take hold of yourself." From the mind and pen of Natalie Brown in her first novel "Lovebird."

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