Friday, December 14, 2012


Twenty-seven years ago when I was a new psych nurse, we didn't see the violence that we see today. People were still manic, schizophrenic, anxious and so forth, but we didn't see such aggression and hatred being acted out. I think the patients had more of a moral compass in spite of their mental problems. What a sad and horrible event today with the murder of a bunch of little school kids by a deranged young man. What was going on in his head. I don't know, but there have been two changes in our culture in the past twenty-seven years that I believe negatively affect young people. One is the proliferation of drug use. The other is gaming. Many of those "games" are all about murder and mayhem and kids get hooked on the thrill. I imagine many who play begin to see the games as acceptable behavior, and reality rather than fantasy. These influence thought, and without a moral compass, the thoughts are put into rage filled actions. What an unbelievably devastating day for many parents in that small town in Connecticut.

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