Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Remembrance

Sometimes it seems that most of the  topics I think of blogging about are all comparisons with the way things are now to the way things used to be. American society has changed dramatically over the course of my lifetime. The years afford me - and others who have lived to this ripe age - the ability to look back and pinpoint when, I believe, certain things started to change, things such as our values and the way we live our lives, things I could not have envisioned would have had such a profound impact on future generations. I cannot say that it is all to the better. As a child of the happy Fifties, I find the deterioration sad. People who were born a generation or more after me do not know what has been lost. They blithely accept the expectations that come with their generation, not knowing there have been better ways The list of societal changes is long and invades all aspects of our culture, and change is inevitable, but we have lost a lot of what worked well.

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