Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Subject is Lily

Watercolor class is tomorrow, and it is Georgia O'Keefe day. How fun is that! We are to bring in a flower and try to emulate her style. In my mind, she was a sensual painter, and I didn't think that buttercups, the only thing flowering in my yard right now, would do. And though I love the pom and daisy like flowers, I wanted something more voluptuous, like a lily. I knew they were at Whole Foods. They caught my eye as soon as I walked in. So pretty! But I didn't need an entire thirteen dollar bunch, just one for an up close subject. I asked. Bless her heart, the salesgirl would let me pick out the one I wanted for just two dollars. I looked them over trying to choose, but something important was missing on all of them! Though the pistils looked healthy, the stamens were unnaturally pointed at the end. Barren. "The flower girl pinches them off because they are messy." Oh my...The lilies had all been castrated! Georgia would never have approved of that. Because of my artistic dilemma, she also threw in a stem of unopened and intact white lilies. I don't know what I will come up with in class tomorrow, but they made a pretty photograph today.

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do you want to see my caricature