Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Doggie

Tillman, our anxious little Jack Russell, came to live with us full time over seven years ago when he was six. I was glad to get him. He was such a great puppy, so intelligent and playful, but his later years haven't treated him kindly. In addition to losing sight in his left eye, he developed a weird handicap a few years ago. I first noticed him having trouble with directions and walking in circles, and took him to the vet. He told me Tillman was not fully blind nor did he have a stroke, but that he had a condition called vestibular disease. He and I are used to it now, but it is still strange. When he is supposed to go one way, he will go another, going from point A to point B in the most difficult and circuitous way, in and out of chair legs, bumping into walls. He is still a happy boy and is usually able to run up and down steps, spar with the black cat, and play with his toys, but life is one continuous obstacle course for him!

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C of MC Sales News said...

How is Tilman doing?ijou is a terrior too and will still be enejetic when his is older.