Saturday, July 2, 2011


Remember the old days when we actually kept phone numbers in our heads? Now they are in our cell phones, not our memory. But one set of numbers - and letters - I must now remember are my computer passwords. We all have at least a few. Of course there is the email password, but on the web I have different passwords for banking, ordering prints from Costco, shopping at Amazon, and so on. At work it is the mandatory upper and lower case and numerical password that gets me to Outlook and the web. Then there are different passwords for the various software programs I use, and upon prompting, those require updating to never before used passwords. Before retirement when I was passing meds, there were passwords to get the meds out of the machine that held them and to give the meds. At home there is a password to check phone messages, and at work, there is the same thing but for many more phones. Passwords may protect us, but they are also a big part of our big brother culture.

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