Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tidbits of the Day

Today I got to see inside a federal court house. Last month, I received a big envelope inviting me for jury duty. There were all sorts of papers I had to fill out and send back with personal questions such as, "Have you had any bumper stickers on your car in the past twelve months, and if so what were they?" I had to admit to my "Life is good" smiley face! So today I was one of about sixty randomly chosen, normal looking folks who showed up to see if we were needed to be jurors in three upcoming trials. Getting into the court room was an ordeal akin to getting on an airplane, thanks to the bad guys who have made it tough on the rest of us. After we were settled in and quietly watching the procedures, one of the potential jurors became ill and pale and had to be taken off in an ambulance. I don't know which way I would have been swayed if I had been selected for one of the cases, but I won't mind missing them, especially the racial discrimination one. I will long remember the interesting few hours.

Then tonight, this third Tuesday evening in a row of yucky weather, I went back downtown to my fun art class. Before I went in, I got a quick pic of the rainy corner near the gallery where we meet.

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