Thursday, May 9, 2013

Something to think about

Sometimes it seems that life is short.
Days are another story. Some pass quickly, but others drag out and seem long.
Either way they contribute equally to our final number of days.
Psalm 90:12 tell us to “Teach us to number our days . . . .” For a person who lives to eighty-five, that number would be roughly thirty-one thousand. That doesn't sound like a whole lot to me. It just makes me aware that I need to spend my time the best I can. Actually counting the days seems to make the days count! Here is a website to do just that.

Our childhoods are pretty much out of our control, but at some point afterward, we become the ones who determine what we do with those days. Perhaps accepting each day as a valuable gift and living it out as such leads to the end result, wisdom. "Teach us to number our days" - why? - "that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

But the question remains. Is life short or long?

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